3 Things to look for in an Exercise Bike

When purchasing an exercise bike, it’s important to think about what your fitness goals are. The reason that this is important is because not all exercise bikes are the same. While it may seem tempting to purchase the cheapest exercise bike you can find, chances are that you will either find it not suitable or worse not use it.

Following are the 3 Things to look for in an Exercise Bike and how it relates to your fitness goals:


The flywheel is essentially a weighted disc inside the exercise bike and is usually connected to the pedal/axle by way of a belt. The flywheel is what provides the momentum as you pedal. Basically the heavier the flywheel the more momentum. This will also translate into how smooth the bike feels.


The resistance on an exercise bike will be either be controlled MANUALLY or ELECTRONICALLY. Manual exercise bikes like Lifespan Exer-58 are a good option if your wanting to maintain fitness or build lower body strength pre & post knee surgery for example.

An electronic exercise bike will typically have a wide range of resistance levels which means that you will have a lot of scope to grow into your exercise bike. Along with the additional resistance levels will be programs. An exercise bike with programs will automatically adjust the resistance according to your desired level of workout intensity.


Finally an exercise bike with an uncomfortable seat will not encourage you to use it. An exercise bike like the Bodyworx AC270AT offers a seat with gel inserts for a nice & comfortable exercise bike experience.

If you want to find out more about which exercise bike is right for you, your welcome to visit our showroom in Narellan.



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