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Eric from Macarthur FitnessMacarthur Fitness Equipment was founded by Eric who at 36, weighed in at a hefty 120kgs, was pre-diabetic, suffered from constant gout attacks and blood pressure was through the roof. After a long period of feeling unwell, Eric went to see his doctor. After a series of blood tests, the advice he was given was grim. Improve your health or run the risk of premature death from heart disease. The news hit Eric like a freight train.

Around this time, Eric received a flyer in his mail box from a local personal trainer. Mustering the courage to make the call, he met with the personal trainer to discuss a plan for turning his health around. After 3 months, he lost around 20kg’s. Eric then joined a local gym and went on to lose another 20kg’s over a 10 month period.

In 2012, he resigned from a position he held for 10 years in Botany to take up a role with fitness equipment business in Smeaton Grange. Assisting the owner with restructuring the business, Eric was offered the opportunity to purchase the retail store in Narellan. In 2013, Macarthur Fitness Equipment was born. Eric’s vision for the business was to bring to the community of the Macarthur a range of great quality, well priced fitness equipment that they could use in the comfort & safety of their home. This was also driven by the fact that with 4 young kids at home, visiting a gym was neither affordable or convenient.

Macarthur Fitness EquipmentIn 2015, Macarthur Fitness Equipment moved into larger warehouse style premises in Narellan. The new store has plenty of off street parking & is open 6 days per week.

Eric remains as passionate as ever about the health & fitness of the local community. And as the Macarthur area grows, so to does his commitment to great customer service & top quality products.

What we do at Macarthur Fitness Equipment 

When you first walk into our showroom in Narellan, you are greeted by someone who is passionate about health & fitness. Whether you come in for a single kettlebell, dumbbell or to setup your very own home gym, we aim to give you a highly personnel experience when you shop at Macarthur Fitness Equipment.

In addition to assisting you with your fitness equipment purchasing, we can also help you with expertly delivery & installing your brand new fitness equipment.

We also work with highly qualified fitness professionals that can visit your home to structure a fitness plan around your chosen fitness equipment. Ask us for more information about our Personnal Training programs. 

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