Advantages of having a Treadmill at Home

advantages of having a treadmill at home

By Eric Giddio

Going out for your daily walk or run outside is a great way of keeping fit & healthy, however there are times when going outside is neither safe or comfortable. Inclement weather or during times of high heat or pollution can make your exercise routine hazardous to say the least.

If you enjoy walking, jogging or running, having a treadmill at home is the perfect solution to maintaining your exercise regime regardless of whats happening outside your front door.

These days treadmills incorporate a number of new features which make them enjoyable to use in your home.

  • Quieter
    Treadmills today are quieter than earlier models. Good quality treadmills, like those from Horizon Fitness feature digital motors that run at lower revolutions and are also more energy efficient.
  • Superior Cushioning
    Variable Response Cushioning, found only on Horizon Fitness treadmills is designed to absorb as much of the impact of using a treadmill as possible. Much like running in a high quality pair of running shoes, Horizon Fitness treadmills feature a tri-zone running deck that actively adjusts to your running stride.
  • Entertainment Options
    Some modern treadmills allow you to stream your favourite music via Bluetooth from your smartphone to the onboard speakers on the treadmill. 

Having a treadmill at home is a great way for the whole family to keep fit & healthy from the comfort of home. 


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