Buying Fitness Equipment Online

These days people looking at buying fitness equipment online are literally spoiled for choice, not to mention the  different types of fitness equipment available. It seems like there is something new on the market every other day. While buying online might seem like the easy approach, often the risks associated with buying fitness equipment online without trying it out far outweigh the benefits.

A way of mitigating this risk is to do your research online and then pop into a physical retail store to try your favourite piece of equipment out. The best part about doing it this way is these types of stores are specialists in what they offer and are often staffed by people that are trained fitness professionals.

An example of where buying fitness equipment online vs researching online then visiting a physical retail store can be risky is purchasing a elliptical/crosstrainer.

The stride length is one of the major attributes that differentiates an elliptical/crosstrainer. For example, a taller person on an elliptical/crosstrainer with a stride under 18″ will probably find the stride choppy & jerky. Overall the user will be less likely to enjoy the experience. Conversely, a shorter person on an elliptical/crosstrainer with a stride above 20″ might find they are overextending again making the experience uncomfortable.

Macarthur Fitness Equipment - elliptical/crosstrainer


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