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The 3 Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Treadmill

The 3 Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Treadmill

So you’ve decided to purchase a treadmill. Has confusion set in? You’re not alone! With so many brands on the market it’s very easy to be lured into purchasing the first treadmill you see based purely on price. No truer is the saying, “The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory” than with buying a cheap treadmill. These are often seen languishing in street rubbish pickups with burnt out motors etc.

Armed with the knowledge of these 3 things to look out for when choosing a treadmill, hopefully you will purchase one that is suited to your needs.


The Running Deck is simply the part of the treadmill you stand on. The longer & wider the treadmill running deck is, basically the more you can do on it. Is jogging your thing? A deck size anywhere from 140x50cm should be sufficient to ensure you don’t fall off when you are in full flight! A treadmill like the Horizon Adventure 5 Treadmill is example of a treadmill suitable for running.


Treadmill motors are rated in terms of their power output or “horsepower”. This figure can be expressed in terms of a “continuous” rating or “peak” rating. Be careful because the rating you want to be knowing is the “continuous” rating, abbreviated as “xx chp”. The table below outlines the relevant activities that can be performed on certain motor ratings:


< 2.0 chp (1.25 to 1.75 chp)Walking or slow paced jogging
2.0 – 2.5 chpFast paced jogging
2.5 – 3.0 chpRunning


The quality of the cushioning system on a treadmill is vital to ensuring utmost comfort & support. Take for instance Horizon brand treadmills. “Variable Response Cushioning” is “just like a running shoe, a treadmill with our unique three-zone cushioning system gives you the ideal amount of flex and support in all phases of your stride.”

Macarthur Fitness Equipment has a great range of treadmills that you can try in our showroom situated at Unit 6, 49 The Northern Road Narellan.


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