Do you struggle with motivation or feelings of guilt?

Too often clients come to me, feeling confused about how they should be eating, struggling with motivation, and feeling guilty for their current health and level fitness.

Can you relate?

I don’t believe this is anyone’s fault. There is so much conflicting information and opinions, on top of how we feel inside. It’s all thrown into the too hard basket and we throw that to the back of our minds. Except it doesn’t really go away, we just do our best to avoid that space.

The best step forward is a plan, and planning for a win.

You need a plan for you. Not a copy and paste plan, but sitting down and taking control of your journey. My clients and I work on meal options. They are educated in how to make allowances for days that we want to eat that piece of cake 🤤 or whatever their “go to” treat is.

Being restrictive only boxes us in. Often we aren’t eating a balanced diet and it just makes the cravings even worse. Then we break the diet, feel guilty about our lack of discipline and spiral down, wondering what’s the point.

Empowerment through education and knowledge is the solution. This is your train set, so put it on the track that’s right for you and work at it. ✌🏼




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