Client Spotlight: Busyslim

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a free weight loss information night hosted by local businesswomen & personal trainer Tanisha Tottman of Busyslim. Busyslim was founded by Tanisha as a result of her own weight loss success, having lost 50kg forever over 20 years ago. Knowing how well she felt after this, Tanisha wanted to share her knowledge & experience and developed the Busyslim 12 week weight loss program.

During the evening, I heard from 3 of Tanisha’s clients whom shared intimate details of their weight loss successes. A common thread among the stories was the ongoing support provided by Tanisha. Reflecting on my own weight loss journey some years ago, I can say that having the ongoing support of someone specialised like a Personal Trainer or weight loss consultant of which Busyslim have both, can be the difference between long term weight loss success or yo-yoing from one diet to another.

Tanisha and her Busyslim team hold regular information sessions regarding her upcoming 12 week weight loss programs. To find out more, please contact Tanisha on 1300134494 or visit the Busyslim website, www.busyslim.com.au.


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