My food diary & how it helped me lose 40 kilos

After losing a stack of weight, I looked unrecognizable to those that hadn’t seen me in a while. Inevitably the first question most would ask after they’d picked their jaw up from the ground was “How did you do it?”

It’s no secret that weight loss is around 80% food & 20% exercise. With food being such a large part of the equation, keeping a track of what your putting into your mouth is a really critical element to how much weight you lose and whether you keep it off too. Recording your food also makes you think about two things:

– Am I really hungry?

Quite often hunger is really just thirst. What better way of not consuming excess calories than by swigging back a glass of calorie free chilled water!

– What food you are putting into your mouth?

By having to record what food you consume, you are more likely to make good choices as to the food you eat.

Keeping a food diary is so much easier today also. There are a plethora of smartphone apps, often free that allow you to set goals and then record the food you eat. Best of all most have very extensive  databases of just about every type of food & brand imaginable. My personal favourite is  My Fitness Pal. There really is no excuse to not keep an accurate diary with MFP as its  accessible across various mediums including Smartphone, Tablet & Desktop computer. Best of all its FREE! I found MFP to be a great way to meet like minded people going through the same journey. It also enables you to stay motivated and also inspire others  to keep going.


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