Want To Open Jars By Yourself? Here’s How To Increase Hand Strength by 20%!

Use it or lose it! You’ve probably heard this saying in the context of muscle. It’s true though. From the age of 30 to 80, if you don’t perform some type of strength training (lifting weights), you will lose around 50% of your muscle mass. If you’re in your 60’s you could probably relate to the fact that picking those shopping bags is getting harder as each year rolls by or gripping those secateurs is next to impossible.

New research out of Austria suggests that it isn’t too late for people nearing frailty to reverse the effects of the debilitating effects of losing muscle mass. The project conducted by MedUni Vienna involved volunteers visiting older people to perform strength training in their homes. The intervention group boosted their hand strength by 3kg’s, an increase of around 20% from initial measurements.

The result of increasing strength training in seniors has far reaching consequence, says the MedUni Vienna expert, “A combination of good nutrition with enough plant and animal protein to maintain muscle mass, and regular physical training to promote muscle strength can boost the number of healthy years,”

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