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How to save time & money everyday and get your best body ever

Home gym vs gym membership. With so many different options available to keep fit or lose weight, which one is right for you? Choosing the wrong option could potentially cost you hundreds each year with nothing to show for it. Worse still your fitness goal will slip further and further  away the longer you persevere with the wrong choice.

With the availability of high quality  fitness equipment the decision to set-up a home gym has become more and more viable. Furthermore home gym equipment is affordable with most reputable retailers offering a myriad of finance options.

I’ve compiled a few reasons why I think a home gym really is the most effective way to get your best body  ever:

1. Save time

This is a no brainer. In the  time that it would take to pack you gym bag & drive to your gym I’ve probably already done half my workout. Once your in the gym & depending on when you go, waiting for your favorite piece of gym equipment consumes more time. At my home gym, I don’t wait for anyone or anything. Its all about the workout.

2. Save money

I heard on the car radio this morning a certain chain gym offering memberships for $6.95 per week. I have a theory  on the price of gym memberships. Hear me out. The theory is that as they get cheaper and cheaper, if your like many people and don’t go as often as you should, the amount hitting your bank account is almost undetectable in amongst all your other direct debits.

Setting up a home gym is dependent on a couple of things:

  • Space: This will determine what type of fitness equipment will be in your home gym. Also think about where you decide to set up. It needs to be somewhere easily accessible.
  • Budget: A home gym with a basic multi station gym & a small walking treadmill will set you back around $1600-$1800. Think about what type of fitness equipment you need and then talk to a fitness equipment store.

3. OPS

Other Peoples Sweat. Enough said….

4. Support

Just because you workout at home doesn’t mean you need to forgo the support you would get from a personal trainer or friend. Theres plenty of personal trainers that will gladly come out to do one on one training in your home.


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