Couples more likely to get healthy together

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If like many you’ve started 2015 with the intention of losing weight or getting fit as top of your priorities this year, you may find it easier to achieve your goals if you can get your partner or `better half’ to come along for the journey.

A recent study by Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation & the National Institute on Aging found that people wanting to either lose weight, quit smoking or leading active live were more successful in make changes if their partner was part of the process also.

The research found for example that women who smoked, 50 percent were inclined to quit if their partner quit too compared with only 17 percent of women whose partners were already non-smokers. The study also found that men were equally affected by their partners and were more likely to quit smoking, get active, or lose weight if their partner made the same behavior change.

If conflicting schedules make it hard to get active together, creating an environment within your home could be the easiest way to kickstart your health & fitness journey together.

1. Start by discussing the exercises that you both enjoy doing. A pair of boxing gloves & focus pads is a great way to workout together and to also enjoy the fantastic cardio benefits of boxing

2. What room do you have in your home to accommodate some fitness equipment? If you have a garage that’s being used to store things that you no longer use, selling them to make way for a dedicated gym space might be a better way to utilize this space.

Force USA Smith Machine & Adventure 5 Treadmill in a garage
Force USA Smith Machine & Adventure 5 Treadmill in a garage

If you need help to set-up a space in your home and get fit together, contact us today!

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