How adopting a morning ritual helped me lose 40 kilos (and keep it off!)

How adopting a morning ritual helped me lose 40 kilos (and keep it off!)

Ok, so not all of us are `morning people’. When I was at my heaviest, mornings were a real struggle and while I do consider myself a morning person, the last thing I felt like doing was springing out of bed! Feeling lethargic, tired & stressed was how I felt everyday, that is until I introduced certain things into my daily routine that helped me lose 40 kilos. These things have become a morning ritual that I deliberately make time for no matter what.

  1. Lemon water: The first I do each morning is prepare a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice. Lemon is rich in vitamin C which is just the thing we need to boost our immune system, especially this time of the year! I’ve also found that it aids in appetite control. Lemons contain `pectin’ which is a fibre found in citrus fruits which make us feel full.
  2. Read or listen to a podcast: I love nothing more than enjoying the quietest part of the day reading or listening to my favourite podcast. Nourishing mind with positive thoughts & ideas is a great way to kick the day off. I make it part of my morning ritual to not default to checking emails etc.
  3. Exercise: This part of my morning ritual actually begins the night before. I try to layout the clothes that I want to wear during my workout just before I go to bed. The benefits of exercise became obvious to me as I became more experienced. Feelings of lethargy & having no energy vanished (infact I had more energy!). While I am a believer that diet plays a larger role in one’s weight loss success, regular exercise has been shown to improve heart health & lower the chances of developing diabetes.
  4. Breakfast: I actually look forward to tucking into a creamy bowl of porridge with a cut up Apple & a sprinkling of chia seeds after my workout. This is part of my morning ritual at the moment. Fuelling our bodies with good quality food is essential for weight management & having sufficient energy to perform at your best throughout the day.
  5. To-do list: Your either a list person or your not. I couldn’t function without my task list. For me it serves a dual purpose; 1. A brain dump: any ideas or goals I want to accomplish, I record it on my to-do list. Some of those ideas come from point 2. 2. Day planner: Like most small business operators, I’m a wearer of many hats! So while I need to have time to chat with customers or suppliers, there are somethings that must be done. A well set out to-do list helps me ensure I’m on top of these things. I use a free app called “Wunderlist”. It seamlessly syncs with multiple devices so no matter where I am I can jot down tasks & ideas as I need to.

What’s your morning ritual?

About the author

Eric Giddio is the owner of Macarthur Fitness Equipment. His passion for the fitness industry stems from his own weight loss journey and the desire to help his local community with their health & fitness goals. Eric does this by taking the time to listen to his customers & educating them on the best piece of fitness equipment matched to their needs.



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