How to choose a rowing machine

With so many different types of rowing machines on the market, deciding which one to purchase can be a bit confusing. One thing is for certain; rowing machines are a great workout that works your entire body. Depending on the type of rowing machine you choose will influence how smooth it is and whether or not it offers programs and other features.
By far the most important feature of the rowing machine is the method of the resistance. This can be HYDRAULIC, MAGNETIC, AIR/MAGNETIC, AIR or WATER.

York Fitness offer the Quest Rower which delivers resistance by a hydraulic shaft. This type would be the least smoothest in terms of usage.

York also offer a couple of different rowing machines which are magnetic resistance. This type is a good option if you are just starting out with using a rowing machine as you can adjust the resistance according to your level of experience. They normally have several levels so as you get more experienced you can increase the resistance accordingly.

A fan contained in a vessel at the front of the machine is connected to a belt system with a handle which provides the resistance. Air rowing machines like the Fuel Air Rower are smooth and offer a good range of motion. Some types offer a combination of AIR/MAGNETIC resistance so you can adjust the resistance. Air rowers can be somewhat noisy due to the movement of the fan.

This type of rowing machine is the smoothest available. Water Rower is an American company that manufactures a range of US made rowing machines constructed out of high quality components. Activating around 80% of your muscle mass, a Water Rower is more than just a cardio workout! The Water Rower Natural is smooth & quiet it feels like your actually rowing on the water.


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