Product review: Healthstream DX18 Treadmill

Healthstream DX18 iPad Treadmill

We’ve just installed the Healthstream DX18 Treadmill on our shop floor in the last few days and already its getting lots of oooo’s & ahhh’s from customers coming into our shop. As you can see from the picture below, it does look quite different to your normal treadmill especially with the wrap around design of the integrated console & side handles.

iPad Connectivity

The most unique feature of the DX18 is it can connect with your iPad device and allow you to follow actual street routes anywhere in the world. You simply download a free app called “Run on Earth” create an account and you’re off. Its so clever that the treadmill will incline when you go up actual hills and fall again when things level out.


Apart from this feature, the DX18 comes with a powerful 2.5hp motor which makes it ideal for running.

Suspension System

Another unique feature of the Healthstream DX18 treadmill is the multi flex suspension system allowing you to select between soft, harder or firm settings. In addition to all this the deck folds up saving you space when you are not using it. The soft drop mechanism allows you to safely bring down the deck ready for use.

Included with this treadmill is your own heartrate strap which communicates directly with the treadmill which shows your heartrate on the console. This is particularly useful to ensure that you are working out at your optimal heartrate.

Like with all Healthstream products, you are covered by a generous lifetime warranty on frame, 10 years motor, 3 years general parts, 12 months labour, 12 months running mat & deck.

* Please note: iPad NOT included with this treadmill.


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