Review: Aquayak Kayaks

It’s usually about a week after Christmas that the kids have almost gotten bored with their Christmas presents that cabin fever starts to set in. With Summer really starting to kick in, we’d been talking for ages about grabbing a kayak from the shop & having a bit of fun.

So it was yesterday, New Years Eve that we decided to grab a kayak for a day of some water fun. We decided to go to a place that we have seen others set off kayaks; Bents Basin which is a popular water hole in Sydney’s South West. First thing first though was how to transport the thing? Good news is that Aquayak have really thought of everything which makes getting into kayaking for the beginner so much easier!

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When I’m not driving around the van, I get around in a small Hyundai Accent hatchback. It’s tiny, so I was a bit skeptical about being able to transport a kayak on the roof, however these roofracks as you can see in the above image did the job really well! The straps hold down the kayak so well that you don’t even know you’ve got one.

Once we arrived, we placed the kayak onto the trolley and away we went. By the time we got to our chosen location, so excited was my son that the kayak was in the water within a minute or so. Within a few minutes he was all the way on the other side of the basin! Lets say I had initial difficulty getting a turn!

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Aquayak Kayaks are known as “Sit on Top” kayaks meaning they are very stable and perfect for the beginner. As I said, none of us have actually ever kayaked before but getting started was so easy.

By the end of the day, we were all very sunburnt & tired. Surprisingly, my upper body felt like I’d done an intense arm & shoulder workout!


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