Review: The WaterRower Natural – Style meets ‘oarsome’ calorie burning machine

On first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that the WaterRower is from the dark ages with its mostly wooden construction. However on closer inspection, the WaterRower is an elegantly hand crafted piece of fitness equipment which delivers a workout like no other machine can.

WaterRower as the name suggests works on water resistance. Unlike other rowing machines which work on either air, magnetic or a combination of these, the Water Rowers have self regulating tension meaning that the harder your pull on the ergonomically design handle the harder it feels.

When you’re using a rowing machine, you want it to be smooth and quiet. A rowing machine which is neither of these things will not only be uncomfortable to use it will lead you to not enjoy using it. The WaterRower dual rail series are both quiet & silky smooth.





The Perfect Exercise

Unlike a treadmill that targets your lower body and which is a relatively high impact exercise, WaterRower is ideal for any user regardless of age, gender or level of fitness. WaterRower combines strength, stamina & control in one complete exercise which burns fat & strengthens the cardiovascular system. Best of all, WaterRower is kind on joints being a virtually impact free exercise!

Designed for Life

A common gripe with fitness equipment for home is space. WaterRower addresses this issue by being easily storable, conveniently standing upright. It’s also very quiet. Infact the swooshing sound is therapeutic in itself!

Want to know more? Macarthur Fitness Equipment is a WaterRower Gold Dealer. Come into our showroom today and enjoy a free demonstration & trial of the WaterRower range.


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