Going back to basics with your weight loss

If I was to put my finger on the one central reason for my weight loss success it would going back to basics. By this I mean adopting some simple strategies (I’m a pretty simple guy after all) that you can implement immediately.


Think you can outsmart your body into thinking you can lose weight by skipping meals? Forget it! Even if you don’t do this intentionally, get into the habit of eating regularly especially breakfast. The old saying of eat like a king at breakfast, prince at lunch & peasant for dinner is true. Obviously this is not a licence to eat whatever you feel. Again going back to basics with your food intake is simple and achievable. Consider things like:

1. Planning meals

2. Reduce/eliminate sugar intake

3. Eat more protein

4. Drink more water

5. Cut out snack foods that are high in saturated fats


Fail to plan is planning to fail. Harsh? Maybe but think of it this way. You wouldn’t set off on a car journey to an unknown destination without first mapping your route out. No different with exercise. Work out what you wish to accomplish each day and stick to it.

As for what exercise. Again keep it simple. Like me I felt the gym was a tad too intimidating at first so I purchased an exercise bike for home and made sure I did something everyday.


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