How I lost 40 kilos and how YOU can too!

Anybody that has lost a large amount of weight will attest that the process of losing weight has little to do with magic potions or miracle diets. From October 2010 to December 2011 I lost 40 kilos by changing my mindset and adopting the following steps:

1.) Get to know a Personal Trainer. Yes, I know its not cheap but you need someone like this to really give you a good kick up the proverbial to get moving. Chances are if you are overweight, exercise is something of an after thought. My PT taught me to make exercise part of my daily life. I never thought I could like exercise but once I found some time to do it and did it consistently everything else had to wait. There is no excuse to not move around for at least 20 minutes a day.

2.) Eating. Yes eating. One of the things that I did really well when I was overweight would be to not eat any food till lunch time and even then this would be while working away. Then I’d get home and tuck into a huge portion (see notes about this later) of pasta and meat and then wonder why I would feel like a lead weight in the morning. Seems like the perfect paradox that not eating would stack the weight on. Well its true. Read anything about the way your metabolism works and you will see that your body senses that if you don’t eat, it enters starvation mode and stores fat to protect itself. Very clever if your in the middle of a desert with no food but really, most of us here have an abundance of fresh, nutritious food around. Eat!

3.) Portions. Cut your portions. I found using a food diary (such as www.myfitnesspal.com) a great way to measure my food intake to ensure that I wasnt overeating. Eat slowly too. It takes 20 minutes for the brain to realize that you are full.

4.) Count your calories. I’ve been counting my calories since I started my weight loss journey. Not only is it good to do this because you can measure with a fair degree of accuracy if you are on track to lose weight but it may just even stop you eating the wrong food for the guilt of having to record it.

5.) It takes time. It took me around 14 months to lose the 40kg’s. I hear of people complaining that they haven’t lost weight after only using My Fitness Pal for a week or so. Sheesh, the pressure. Seriously, weight loss was not about crash diets or crazy exercise regimes for me. By taking advice from people that have done it and giving myself plenty of time to accomplish the task, my results are more likely to stick around.

6.) Plan your meals. Its been a ritual of mine since starting my journey whereby I pack my breakfast, lunch & various healthy snacks to work each and everyday. Yes it takes time to do but seriously, you have the time.

7.) Exercise. I was one of those that absolutely disliked exercise. I came up with a myriad of excuses to not do it. Too tired, too busy, too cold, too hot….the list goes on. One of the ways I developed a passion for exercise was training at home. I bought a treadmill, a bench, a barbell & a weights package and following a plan which my PT gave me I set about working out daily to blast away fat and chisel a physique which made the cold mornings worth it! Oh, after a few of weeks I reckon that the exercise increased my energy levels.

The proof of your success really is in the eating. Food intake in my humble opinion accounted for a major part of why I lost 40 kilos of weight. Pure and simple.

By Eric Giddio

My Transformation
My Transformation

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