How to burn calories after exercise

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If your goal is lose weight or indeed to maintain a healthy weight then creating a calorie deficit is an essential part of your goal. The main part in achieving this is mostly through your diet however exercising is also a great way of increasing the deficit and therefore your weight loss effort.

While performing  steady state cardio on a treadmill or crosstrainer for say 30-40 minutes will see you burn a certain amount of calories during this time, its hard to believe there is actually a way that you can burn calories for hours after you have performed your chosen cardio exercise. Best of all, if you have a treadmill, crosstrainer or rower at home you can do it before work, while looking after kids during the day or after work.

EPOC is not a character from Star Wars but an acronym for “Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption” or sometimes referred to as the “Afterburn Effect”.

When you perform High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT style exercising, the body will burn more energy for hours after to restore oxygen levels back to normal levels.

The best part about HIIT is that it can be performed on just about any piece of fitness equipment that you may have at home. The following is an example of a HIIT routine on a treadmill:

1. Warm up at walking pace for 2 minutes

2. After your warm up, increase speed to a fast paced jog for 1 minute

3. Increase the speed to a point where you are sprinting for 3o seconds

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for 10-12 intervals

We recommend a treadmill with a DIGITAL DRIVE motor of above 2.5 chp as the speed changes required for HIIT will be quicker than if you were using a treadmill with an analogue drive motor. We also recommend a treadmill with preset speed buttons on the console for ease of increasing & slowing down the treadmill.

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