How to choose the right gym bench

Gym Benches one of the most essential pieces of fitness equipment you can have in your home gym. Especially if you prefer to workout with free weights, the gym bench allows you to perform so many different exercises, it’s hard to imagine a home gym without one!

With so many different gym benches on the market, you might find it somewhat difficult to make a choice. 

Hopefully this article helps you with your decision making process.

Flat Gym Benches

The flat gym bench has a wide variety of uses. Aside from using to perform bench press, the flat gym bench can be used for `one arm row’ exercises or even step-ups. 

The most important thing to check however with a flat gym bench is the weight rating. Not all gym benches are made the same. Some have higher weight ratings that are designed for those wanting to lift heavier weights. 

An example of a good quality flat gym bench is the Force USA Light Commercial Flat Bench. 

flat gym bench

FID Gym Benches

The FID Gym Bench….hang on…whats FID?? Sorry…FID stands for `Flat, Incline, Decline’. As the name suggests this style of gym bench is adjustable, meaning it goes from decline to flat to incline (and increments in between).

The FID Gym Bench is probably the most popular of gym benches. Starting from around $100 right up to sub $1000, a decent FID Gym Bench will allow you to perform a huge variety of exercises.

Like with flat gym benches, the different price points dictate quality levels & weight capacities.

One of our most popular FID Gym Benches is the Force USA Multi FID Bench with optional Preacher Pad & Leg Extension.


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