If you’re like me, the first steps I took in the gym were met with nervous anticipation & breaking a sweat (and that’s not even being on any equipment!!). I persisted however and became familiar with all the pieces of equipment. The weight room was the one frontier I had the most trepidation. While it took several months of easing myself into the area, once I became familiar with some of the exercises I felt confident enough to build my own gym at home. 

Exercising at home has several advantages:

1. No crowds. I never have to wait for a piece of equipment to become available which kind of annoys me I a gym as I work through a program that has exercises in a certain order for a reason.

2. Save time. When you exercise from home, your gym is literally a few short steps away. Driving to your local gym & finding a parking spot takes away precious time that you could be using to do a workout.

3. Customisation. With a home gym, you decide what equipment you want and how that suits your training style. 

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