Freeform Commercial Endurance Treadmill F2000


The FreeForm F2000 Commercial Endurance Treadmill is your ultimate commercial treadmill. Built with a massive 6 CHP HiTorque Commercial Motor, it is the toughest treadmill out in the market!


Product Description

Freeform Commercial Endurance Treadmill F2000

Stylish, comfortable, resilient and loaded with features, the Freeform Commercial Endurance Treadmill F2000 is a commercial treadmill designed for the modern fitness club. The massively powerful HiTorque Commercial Motor with 6 CHP provides efficient and smooth feeling with low impact comfort provided by the innate FreeFlex Precision Cushioning. Maintenance is easy with the built-in EzyCare Self Lubrication system giving you more time to train, focus on your clients and build your fitness company.



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