Arizona Series – Commercial Functional Trainer


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Product Description

Arizona Series – Commercial Functional Trainer

The Arizona Series Cable Crossover/Functional Trainer is a great sleek machine with 2 x 77kg weight stacks, adjustable pulleys for variation in workouts and multiple hooks for hanging attachments. This machine has a stylish and aesthetically pleasing shroud design which adds class and sophistication to your gym, illustrated instructional diagrams to educate the user, a uniform design and construction to meet commercial grade quality and safety standards and is Ergonomically designed to provide a natural movement and to maximise effectiveness of the machine. This piece is a great addition to any gym.

Key Features:
  • Multiple hooks for holding attachments for easy access
  • 2 X 77kg Weight Stacks
  • Illustrated instructional diagram
  • Chin up bar
  • Chrome Finishing
  • Easy-Select Pin system


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