Arizona Series – Multi-Functional 4 Stack Trainer


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Product Description

Arizona Series – Multi-FuThe Arizona Series Multi Station/Jungle is a one stop fitness shop for your members. With the option of having a 4, 5 or even 8 station machine it’s up to you with a seated row, lat pull-down, triceps pull-down, cable crossover and even pull up bars this is an awesome machine.

Key Features:

Linear bearings used for ultra quiet movement
4, 5, or 8 Stations
Variety of accessories
Multiple machines with a compact size
Accessory hooks
Chin up handles (5 station and 8 station only)
Molded foam cushions
Stylish aesthetically pleasing shroud design which adds class and sophistication to your gym
Illustrated instructional diagrams to educate the user
Uniform construction and design to meet commercial grade quality and safety standards
Ergonomically designed to provide a natural movement and to maximise effectivenessnctional 4 Stack Trainer


Additional Information

4 Stack Trainer

4 x Weight Stacks

5 Stack Trainer

5 x Weight Stacks

8 Stack Trainer

8 x Weight Stacks


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