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Product Description


The occlusion cuff is a brand new style of training that is scientifically proven to get results. It works by allowing arterial blood to flow to a region, while restricting venousreturn. This results in a number of things happening. 

  • Increased type – 2 fibre recruitment (Greater potential for strength, speed and hypertrophy changes.
  • Increased local growth hormone and IGF-1 levels by 200 – 300%
  • Greater and more rapid accumulation of metabolic by-products, such as lactate
  • Enhanced stimulation of muscle protein synthesis by 45-55%

Top benefits of the Occlusion Cuff

  1. Get the results of training at 70% of your max with weights as low as 20-30% of your max
  2. Increase muscle strength, mass, and endurance with 30% less work
  3. Stimulate Type 2 fast-twitch fibers and create local anaerobic training conditions for muscles
  4. Temporarily increase local growth hormone levels by 200-300%

Why us an Occlusion Cuff?

Essentially the Occlusion Cuff is used to increase muscle mass, strength, and endurance at loads below 50% of max. Whilst loads of 20% show similar benefits to training at 70% of max. With no greater health risk than traditional exercise, the Occlusion Cuff prevents or slows atrophy with even just 20 mins walking daily.

Precautions with the Occlusion Cuff

It is highly recommended you consult your doctor before commencing any activity with the Cuff if you suffer from heart disease, severe aortic stenosis, and hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy. If you suffer from hypertension or have previously suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage/stroke or if you have a history of blood coagulation problems.

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