7kg Commercial Rubber Medicine Ball


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Product Description

7kg Commercial Rubber Medicine Ball

Medicine Balls have come along way since the ones you probably used at school. Remember those huge brown leather ones they made you throw? Today, medicine balls are largely made of rubber and can be bounced allowing you to perform heaps of different exercises, like:

* Lunge With Overhead Press

* Lunge With Twist

* Single-Leg Squat

* Medicine Ball Push-Up

* Shoulder Press

* Triceps Extension

* V-Up’s

* Overhead Slam

* Crunch with Medicine Ball Hold

So as you can see with a humble medicine ball you can literally do a full body workout all from the comfort of your home. Try one today! If you are new to using weighted fitness equipment, a good weight for females to start with is 3-4kg’s for males 5-6kg’s.


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