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Product Description

Introducing the WaterRower Natural from Sydney’s Premium Water Rower Dealer

For over 20 years WaterRower has been combining stylish design, hand crafted workmanship and ethically sourced materials. Blending the tranquility of moving water and rhythm of motion into the worlds finest rowing simulator.

Fitness Equipment You Can Live With

Smooth, Silent, Stylish and Storable: the WaterRower rowing simulator gives you an unrivaled all body workout. The WaterRower comes in a variety of finishes to match any environment from the living room to the gym, taking up minimal space when in use and even less when stored upright.

The Ultimate Cross-Trainer

The WaterRower spreads the work uniformly over all the muscle groups, making it the most efficient aerobic exercise. Conventional mechanical resistance based rowing machines fatigue the body mechanically, creating a harsh feeling. Other common aerobic exercise equipment such as treadmills, cycles and ellipticals use far less muscle mass, burn fewer calories and generate fewer exercise benefits.

• Burn 1,000 plus calories per hour

• Work 84% of your muscles

• Target core muscles, strengthen posture, and help to reduce back injuries

• Low impact and easy on the body; does not place stress on the joints and its seated position removes weight from ankles, knees and hips

The Perfect Exercise

The WaterRower simulates the smooth flowing nature of rowing a boat and can be used by everyone–Olympic athletes, those looking for a great personal workout, even users in physical rehabilitation. Combining control, strength and stamina in one complete exercise, rowing burns fat and strengthens your cardiovascular system with no detrimental impact or load on our joints. A truly self-regulating exercise, rowing is ideal for any individual, regardless of the user’s age, gender or level of fitness. The WaterRower offers you an unrivaled aerobic and
muscular workout.

WaterRower….Powered by You

The WaterRower’s unique WaterFlyWheel has been designed to replicate the precise physical dynamics of rowing in a moving boat. In the knowledge that this is the surest way to achieve he physiological benefits and aesthetic pleasure of rowing. Many rowing machines imitate the action of rowing but they do so mechanically, and often lack the natural dynamics experienced when in a boat. The WaterFlyWheel responds to the work applied allowing constant effort through the whole stroke, unlike resistance based machines where effort is high at the beginning of the stroke and fades away as the resistance is overcome. Self-Regulating Resistance – resistance increases proportional to increases in speed/intensity. Resistance is hence self-determined, as in all natural aerobic exercises, the user choosing their own pace.

Benefits of the WaterRower

An Excellent Investment – The WaterRower in either wood or metal finishes is durable, resists scratching and does not corrode, making it an excellent investment in your health.

Unique WaterFlyWheel – Resistance is proportional to your effort, making the WaterRower suitable for any user.

Award Winning Design – Available in a variety of finishes, the WaterRower compliments any environment.

Low Noise – The WaterRower is designed to be non-intrusive, unlike treadmills and air resistance machines which create a lot of noise.

Minimal Footprint – While catering for even the tallest users, the WaterRower is shorter than other machines and when not in use, it stores upright, taking up the space of a dining room chair.

Low Maintenance – Unlike mechanical chain driven rowers, there is no need to clean air vents or oil chains. Our machines come supported by an extensive warranty.

No Running Costs – No external power required, helping you help the environment

Ethically Produced – Handcrafted in the USA from sustainably managed Appalachian forest hardwoods.

S4 Monitor – Designed to be simple to operate with a QuickStart function, while offering those wanting more information a feature rich environment with a wide variety of functions.


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