Force USA Powerlifting Barbell

Force USA Powerlifting Barbell


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Product Description

Grab the chalk, strap up and get ready ‘cause this bar bites! You want grip?

The Force USA Powerlifting Barbell has some of the most vicious knurling on the market and may be the grippiest bar you’ve ever held. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

A full commercial grade barbell for the HEAVY powerlifter. Ideal for those lifting heavy at home or in commercial gym environments. The Force USA Powerlifting Barbell is a Powerlifter’s dream bar.

Powerlifters asked us for it and we made it happen.

29mm diameter bar, IPF spec knurling with ‘Aggressive Knurl’. ‘Aggressive’ may be an understatement. ForceUSA installed a new knurling station entirely dedicated purely to The Power Barbell. An act which had to be done to achieve the massive 0.45mm knurling depth.

  • 200,000 PSI with no whip
  • Steel bushing and five needle bearings in each sleeve for great spin
  • 20kg bar with weight tolerance accuracy to 1%
  • Extremely accurate straightness ±0.25mm
  • Massive 2,000lb static tested weight rating

Finished in Black Zinc with Black Zinc Sleeves to protect from rust. But also look AWESOME.

The Force USA Powerlifting Barbell is THE powerlifting barbell you can trust. Built tough by Force USA, The Trusted Name In Strength Equipment.

Additional Information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions213 × 10 × 10 cm


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