Olympic Safety Squat Barbell


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Olympic Safety Squat Barbell

The Olympic Safety Squat Barbell is ideal for anyone wanting to perfect their squat. It’s especially useful to anybody suffering from arm/shoulder injuries or have issues with flexibility.

The Olympic safety squat barbell has a camber on the ends (meaning the collars are lower than the middle of the bar) and has handles that stick out in front of the bar.

These padded handles allow for your shoulders to be a stress-free position rather than being pulled back behind the bar.  With the camber and handles combined, you have a unique bar that balances perfectly on the back when positioned correctly.

Why use a safety squat bar?

If you have tried squatting under the bar before, then you will understand just how much stress is placed on the shoulder joints as well as the elbows.

The Olympic safety squat bar is a great tool to reduce this stress whilst still maximizing each exercise. Popular for those with shoulder/elbow injuries or athletes who do a high volume of throwing or arm movements.

Safety Squat Barbell Exercises

Many of your standard barbell exercises can be performed on the safety squat bar. Some of the common exercises performed are the Back Squat, Bulgarian Split Squat, a standard split squat and even the walking lunge.

There are many variations of these common exercises, one thing that can be assured is a reduction in the shoulder and elbow pain when performing these exercises.

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