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Force USA – Monster G6 Commercial Functional Trainer




Product Description

Functional Trainer Commercial Grade

Commercial grade functional trainer available here at Macarthur Fitness Equipment. With this high quality Force USA, Monster G6 Commercial Functional Trainer you can perform over 75+ different exercises. 46 height positions to perform Shoulder, Arms, Chest Back, Core and Legs exercises. Fluid cable movement via commercial grade pulleys. Includes cable attachments. A functional trainer / cable crossover packed with additional feature

Unlike other pieces of home gym equipment the Monster G6 gives you an entire gym all in one amazing unit. This functional training solution by Force USA is not only compact, but completely comprehensive giving you the ability to conduct full body training, split body training, iso specific (body part) training as well as circuit training.

Full Body Training

Train your whole body in one session. With so many possible training options you can perform Full Body Training in the most efficient and effective manner to train your entire body.

Split Training

Split Training allows you to break up your training days so that you can remain focused on either the upper body or lower body. The Monster G6 makes it easy for you to Split Training allowing you to be working out in just seconds.

Body Part Training

Body Part Training, Bodybuilding and sculpting gains can be achieved more rapidly on the G6. The extensive options that the G6 provides allows you to focus on isolation training.

Circuit Training

Circuit training, WOD variations, super sets and endurance training can be performed all within the one small floor space. Maximising both intensity, cardiovascular and muscle gain all within a small area.

Additional Information

Weight425 kg


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