Bodycraft X4 Strength Training System



Product Description

The X4 is a Four-Weight-Stack System which can accommodate up to four simultaneous users!
Extremely popular for use in Condo, Corporate, and Hotel workout centers
Weight range from 5 pounds to 400 pounds (400 pounds on Leg Press)
Four weight stacks allow for multiple simultaneous users
Every Traditional Barbell exercise can be performed
Every Traditional Dumbbell exercise can be performed
Wide range of Functional Training exercises can be performed
Adjustable Cable Column for Functional Training included!
Leg Press included
Workout posters mounted right on the machine

Four stations each with a 200lb weight stack working independently of each other.
Station 1: Fully adjustable Functional Training / Cable Arms provide over 100 exercises! Every exercise you have ever performed with dumbbells can be duplicated here! Also a great station for Sports Specific exercises, and Functional Training exercises! This station also includes a High Pulley for Lat Pull Downs, Triceps Push Down, etc.!
Station 2: Adjustable Dual Cable Column for Functional Training! Duplicate Every Day, or Sports Specific movements! This station provides resistance at any angle, at any desired height! Either standing, or on a Stability Ball! Static Handles are mounted to frame to help keep your balance when performing leg exercises.
Station 3: Row/Press Arm for safe machine style Bench Press, Incline Press, Shoulder Press, and Seated Rows. Self aligning Leg Extension / Leg Curl provides seated Leg Extension and Standing Leg Curls. Mid Pulley for Ab Crunches, Triceps Extensions.
Station 4: Leg Press / Calf Raise for full leg development! The creative cabling of this station provides a 1:2 ratio for up to 400 pounds of resistance!



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