Force USA Commercial Functional Rack


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Product Description

Force USA Commercial Functional Rack

Product Description

Want to perform your Crossfit WOD at home but don’t have the space for an RXS style set up?

The Force USA Commercial Functional Rack is the perfect solution to save money and train in convenience within your own space at home. Standing in similar fashion to a single cell set up, the Force USA – Commercial Functional Rack has a ‘walk-through’ design which can accommodate two users to train at the same time giving all the features of a traditional squat cage but with many additions.

  • 3 x chin up bars (2 x standard 32mm & 1 x fat grip 50mm) allow variable grip chin ups and monkey bar training. The 2 x standard chin up bars can be positioned at any of the precision laser cut holes in the top crossbars
  • 2 x J-Hooks and 2 x J-Hook / Safeties combos for all your cage barbell exercises such as Squats, Bench Press, Military Press, Deadlifts and Rows. Safeties are stainless steel with a black steel sleeve which slides over the top to spread the load when heavy weight is dropped
  • 4 x Band Pegs for all your positive and negative training which may be positioned in any of the precision laser cut positions in the crossbars
  • 4 x Weight Plate holders for Bumper Plates and Olympic Weight Plates and accessories storage
  • 2 x Barbell holders for tidy and convenient storage
  • 40 x precision laser cut positioning holes on uprights
  • 15 x precision laser cut positioning holes on crossbars

SteelForce strength in a tough looking, black powder-coat finish

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