Our strength equipment caters to all training styles & methods of strength training. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced weight lifter, Macarthur Fitness Equipment has an extensive range of strength training equipment on display and in stock to suit all budgets & requirements. We stock leading brands such as Force USA, Bodyworx, York Fitness, Healthstream and other leading home gym equipment brands.

Functional Trainers

Functional Trainers - Macarthur Fitness Equipment

Functional strength equipment trainers are a perfect addition to the home gym. Compact in design with a focus on strengthening various areas of your body.

Home Gyms

Home Gyms - Macarthur Fitness Equipment

Home Gyms for all spaces, budgets and training requirements. The best in home gym equipment brands. Bodyworx, York Fitness, Bodycraft and more ..

Single Stations

Force USA 45 Degree Leg Press

Single unit strength training stations to suit all budgets. Leg extensions, leg curl machines, seat calf raises, squat machines and more …


Benches - Macarthur Fitness Equipment

We have a huge range of training benches to suit all requirements including flat benches, folding benches, and commercial benches.


Barbells - Macarthur Fitness Equipment

Barbells, Olympic bars, weightlifting bars, EZ Curl Barbells. Huge range to suit all training requirements.


Dumbbells - Macarthur Fitness Equipment

From beginners to advanced strength training, we have a full range of dumbbell weights and sizes in both rubber hex and vinyl. Perfect for the home gym or training studio.

Storage Racks

Storage Racks - Macarthur Fitness Equipment

When it comes to storing weight plates our storage racks are both affordable and ideal for home gyms and commercial environments. Upright storage and bumper plate racks will keep your gym safe and tidy.

Weight Plates

Ranging from small 1.25kg weight plates to large 25kg rubber coated Olympic weight plates you can pick and choose your plates to suit your strength equipment and training requirements.

Strength Equipment Specialist

Whether you are upgrading your strength equipment or you’re entirely new to the gym scene, choosing the right strength equipment isn’t an easy decision. After all, there is so much equipment designed to appeals to wide range of exercises.

Give consideration to space, whilst more compact strength training stations will assist in a variety of exercises and movements, standalone equipment offers more targeted training and often provides greater durability and caters for higher strength gains.
Barbells and Olympic bars offer greater gains but do consume a fair amount of space when compared to a functional assisted weight machine. Conventional equipment such as benches and free weights often dominate commercial gyms and for good reason.

If you’re not sure where to start, Macarthur Fitness Equipment is here to help. Chat with us online or in store and one of our equipment & training specialists will be happy to assist in putting together a strength equipment package to suit your budget and space.

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