Preventative Maintenance for Treadmills

In order to maximise life span, and minimise down time, all MATRIX equipment requires regular cleaning, and maintenance items performed on a scheduled basis.


Maintenance Light

A blue light on the console will turn on every 5000 miles to remind the owner that maintenance is needed. To reset this light, press INCLINE DOWN and SPEED DOWN for 3 seconds on 2005 or older units. Press INCLINE DOWN AND SPEED UP for 3 seconds on 2006 or newer units.

Daily Maintenance Items

  • Clean entire machine using water and mild detergent such as dish soap, or other Matrix approved solution (cleaning agents should be alcohol and ammonia free), including: console, handlebar/grip area, and running belt.
  • Check E-stop button and tether cord for proper operation.

Monthly Maintenance Items

  • Inspect power cord for damage, inspect hand grip areas, and inspect E-stop tether cord.
  • Check running belt for proper tension, adjust if needed. It is especially important to check the running belt for tension after the first 30 days of usage. All new belts will stretch and belt “slippage” can be detected by users if the running belt does not have the proper tension. To check the running belt for proper tension:
    • First center the belt. Start the treadmill at 3.8km/h.
    • Turn the left rear roller screw clockwise to move the belt right or the right rear roller screw clockwise to move the belt left
    • Make adjustments ½ turn at a time, and wait for at least a minute between adjustments for the belt to equalise.

Quarterly Maintenance Items

  • Remove front plastic cover, and vacuum entire inside area of machine – be careful when working around the lower pc board not to bump any wires or connections loose.
  • Check drive belt for visible wear, ie., cracking, tears, etc. Belt should be replaced if there are any visible signs of damage. Proper alignment of the pulleys/tensioner should be verified at this time as well.
  • Remove plastic hood at front of machine. Start the unit and raise incline setting to maximum height. Turn power switch off at front of machine to prevent it from lowering accidentally. Lubricate incline motor Acme screw (Matrix recommends using Superlube brand grease with PTFE {Teflon} additive).

Bi-Annual Maintenance Items

  • Remove wax build-up from front and rear rollers of the machine.
  • Inspect underside of running belt for damage – checking/cracking, glazed surface.
  • If the belt has damage or wear to it that warrants replacement, please note that the running deck must also be flipped when a new belt is installed. If the deck has previously been flipped, and no longer has an unused side available, it needs to be replaced when the new belt is installed. A new belt must ALWAYS be installed to run on a new deck surface in order to maximise the lifespan of both items.
  • During normal operating conditions, the running belt replacement and deck service should be done every 25,000 miles.
  • T-3 UNITS ONLY – clean commutator and brushes on drive motor. See website – , or call Technical Service for detailed instructions on this process.
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