Treadmills Sydney

Treadmills Sydney – By far the most recognizable & familiar piece of fitness equipment is the treadmill. And because treadmills are not self-propelled like other types of fitness equipment such as cross-trainers, it is very easy for the novice to use a treadmill. You simply start the treadmill, jump on & start walking or running.

At Macarthur Fitness Equipment we invite you to try all our treadmills on display at our showroom so that you can see which one bests suits your needs. We have on display 10 different models to choose from, all from the biggest brands in fitness, including:

* York Fitness
* Healthstream
* Horizon Fitness
* Spirit Fitness
* True Fitness

When choosing a treadmill consider firstly what you will be doing on it & for how long. Is more than one person using it? If walking will be the main activity that you will perform on the treadmill then one of our smaller models will be sufficient. If someone in your household or if you wish to start running on it sometime in the future it may be better to consider a treadmill with a larger deck & motor size.

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